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Over 1500 Veterinarians and veterinary nurses in UK and internationally have completed this course.

Over 22 years of teaching acupuncture to the veterinary profession.

WVAG provides the leading acupuncture courses for the Veterinary Profession

In 2000, Samantha Lindley MRCVS and Dr Mike Cummings formed the Western Veterinary Acupuncture Group (WVAG) and devised the original Foundation Course in Western Veterinary Acupuncture that has, to date, taught more than 1500 vets and vet nurses from the UK and from across the world. The course has also been run in South Africa, Italy and New Zealand.

The commitment of WVAG is not only to teach acupuncture as a practical technique, but to impart an understanding of its neurophysiological mechanisms and the potential widespread, positive effects on our patients, of whatever species.

Speakers were helpful, informative and engaging which kept my interest throughout. Clearly very knowledgable about subject matter and the course was presented well and created a safe learning environment. I loved the course and found it very informative and well put together. Resources are excellent as was the whole course.


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WVAG offers a comprehensive four-day course tailored for the veterinary profession.

From 2024 we are offering exciting new resources, and a more accessible way of learning acupuncture that will fit into busy professional and personal lives.

The programme blends the theoretical and highly scientific, with practical and pragmatic approaches to acupuncture, aiming to equip you, the participant on the course, with the knowledge and skill to begin to safely and competently apply the technique as soon as you return to your clinic.

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