Speakers were helpful, informative and engaging which kept my interest throughout. Clearly very knowledgable about subject matter and the course was presented well and created a safe learning environment. I loved the course and found it very informative and well put together. Resources are excellent as was the whole course.


So fascinating. I especially enjoyed learning the science behind acupuncture, I think this is really important and it was explained well.


The speakers were really knowledgable about subject areas, say to listen to and kept my attention throughout. Lovely to hear about real cases. The course was explained clearly and concisely with practical. By dividing the course up into sections, it allowed me to focus on each individually. The course notes were great providing lots of information which can be referred back to. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has given me the confidence now to start!


The content was relevant, good order, made sense, enough history to understand without it becoming overwhelming.The speakers were very engaging, enjoyed the fact it was broken up some lecture content followed by practical helping to keep me engaged with the content. Everyone was very friendly and I learned SO much. Really loving being able to bring something new to my practice. Felt like I achieved so much in such a little amount of time.


This course truly exceeded my expectation. Very practical and detailed theory that was covered. Speakers were excellent teachers and this course was educational and enjoyable. Knockderry house hotel was magical and a five start experience. I can only commend Sam for putting together an insightful course. I look forward to taking my knowledge and skills gained from this course back to practice and see the benefits it can bring my patients.


The speakers were both excellent, confident, helpful and very knowledgeable. I found it very easy to ask questions. Covered a lot of content, great notes. Lovely to have actual patients and time to practice practically on each other. Course notes where beyond expectations.


Enough information given in the course to allow immediate use of skills on return to practice. The speakers were excellent, clear, concise, relevant and responsive to the needs of the class. Right amount of information, with enough repetition and practical participation to consolidate knowledge.

Elizabeth, MRCVS